Mandvi is a small town located about 50 kms from Bhuj. Main attraction of Mandvi is obviously its pristine beach. It has powdery white sands and is pretty long due to which it never feels crowded. You can always find a calm spot after a short walk and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Vijay Vilas Palace

One of the key attractions in Mandvi is Vijay Vilas Palace that was the summer retreat of the Maharaos of Kutch. Crowned by elegant chhatris (cenotaphs), this sandstone-hued edifice was built in the 1930s. A flight of steps leads up to the grandest of chhatris that stands on a lofty platform. This is the place where fifteen veeranganas (brave women) who belonged to the court of Maharao Lakhpat committed jauhar (self-immolation) after his death. What is surprising to learn is that none of these women were his wedded queens but only his loyal companions.


Tunda Vandha

A unique Rabari village, it has about 125 exquisitely designed Kachchhi huts inhabited by about 400 Rabaris. Most of the male population is generally away from the village. The interiors of the huts present a pleasant spectacle of native art. A chat with the womenfolk will introduce visitors to this insulated and pristine culture, a world so different.