Explore Rann of Kutch

Breathtaking vistas, intriguing history, an abundance of tradition, color, and enchantment-this is Kutch, the perfect host for anyone’s vacation. Being the second largest district in India it offers everything from White desert, to beaches, to Palaces, Culture and Traditions, Wildlife and Religious places to visit.

Lying in the western most part of Gujarat, Kutch becomes an island where during the monsoon months the Gulf of Kutch is separated from the Kathiawar Peninsula. To the north also, Kutch gets separated from the Sindh region of Pakistan by the great Rann of Kutch.


Kaladungar also known as the Black Hills, overlooks the spectacular Rann, the view from the top is a sight that one can never forget. One can spot some rare species of white foxes these beautiful, frisky animals staying in the wild respond to the call of the temple priest as he beats a steel plate yelling “langa” to suggest that food has been laid out for them.