Religious Sites

Narayan Sarovar Temple

arayan Sarovar, literally means “the Lake of Narayan (Lord Vishnu)”. This place has five sacred lakes, among one of which the temple complex is located. This is one of the revered pilgrim spots for Hinduism in Kutch.


This pilgrim spot of Kutch is located near Lakhpat town. The sanctum sanctorum houses a Shiva Linga. The place is closely linked with the great Indian epic Ramayana. According to Hindu mythology, Ravana was bestowed with a Shiva Linga by Lord Shiva. If he worships the linga he will attain immortality. However, he dropped the linga on the ground and there sprouted nearly thousands of lingas. The Koteshwar temple was built at this place.

Mata no Madh

Further west of Kakkadbhit is a temple dedicated to the deity of Jadejas, the erstwhile rulers of Kutch. The original temple, which was demolished in the earthquake of 1819, was believed to be 1200 years old. Sunderji Saudagar built a new temple in its place with unique architectural expositions of dimensions and space. The main structure rises to the height of 52 feet. Navratri is also celebrate d here.

Swaminarayan Temple

Like most Swaminarayan temples, this one has the typical brightly colored woodcarvings around the building, mostly depicting Lord Krishna and Radha.

Bhadreshwar Jain Temple

There are a number of temples built by Jain followers in Kutch. The Bhadreshwar temple, one of the most ancient temples situated in Bhadrawati, considered a very holy place is one such. Bhadrawati was ruled by King Sidhsen in 449 B.C (according to the Hindu calendar) who renovated the place. Later it was ruled by The Solankies who were Jains, and they changed the name to Bhadreshwar. Then in 1315, a great famine struck Kutch, after which the place was renovated by Jagadusha.